Kat in autumn

Whiskers on kittens indeed

Raindrops on roses

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trepkos September 8th, 2011
hi there
There was a glitch in your membership request, so I sent you an invitation instead; I hope that works!

joshinator September 8th, 2011
Yes, seems to be fine.


ideserveyou September 8th, 2011
Oh no - you earwormed me!

But my family will throw me out in the rain if I dare start singing...

joshinator September 12th, 2011
You've never heard my mother sing.....

ideserveyou September 12th, 2011
We should do a duet!

joshinator September 12th, 2011
No! - my mother often tries to sing to music as she types and my big brother forbids it on pain of death - cruel and unusual noise punishment.


fredbassett September 4th, 2012
...for the lovely pencil!

I seemed to have missed the opportunity to send any in return!



fredbassett September 15th, 2012
... for the lovely panda!

Primeval Denial Advent Calendar

kerry_louise October 9th, 2012
Can you please add me to your friends list, as I can't send you a PM with your assignment due to the block you have. Thanks!

Re: Primeval Denial Advent Calendar

joshinator October 10th, 2012
Sorry - will do right now!

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